What Makes Me Happy: Some steps to a larger goal


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world — Nelson Mandela

A number of answers will come to anybody’s mind as someone or he himself thinks about this question. I too had a list of things that I thought makes me happy but when I tried to list the most important thing I chose to say is “Talking To kids like Nasra”.

The reason is simply that they want to do well in life but the world just allows them to. They want to achieve a lot more in life but what they see the most is the amount of struggle they have to do for achieving the basics of their life. Education is defined as the right for every individual and sooner or later we will have this achieved in our country too. However, my fear remains that will we ever focus on quality education and teach those things to the kids which actually matter to them such as hygiene, how to make the right decisions, emotional intelligence, etc. It is important to understand that what we teach to these kids is they will be using in life only for basic survival i.e. food, clothing, and shelter. This will be used for calling them literates and not educated. They need to know much more than and it is actually not the duty of the government/public offices to ensure it. In fact, we should take it up as a duty of every privileged citizen to give it back to society and to those who need it. We should look at ways of utilizing modern communication methods to engage, educate and mentor them on doing things write what they need to do and why they should do it?

The steps which can be thought of doing, to begin with, are very simple:
#1. Identify a slum near your place
#2. Go and spend time there and know what is their biggest challenge and if only survival is in their
#3. Once, you know the problem and see that education is mind or even not mind you need to look
for a family who gets enthusiastic to visualize that their kids is educated and engage them over time
#4. Sponsor and share that kid if you see the spark

If each one of us looks for these solutions then it will be quite easy for the world to grow and the havoc which we see due to nuisances like Terrorism, poverty, and crime can be nullified. I have always believed that not literacy but education rate is the best skill which one needs to have. So, whenever I see the data released by the government that this our literacy rate, I wish to rework on it to stop realizing such data and in fact work on a mechanism which will help us define every individual is educated or not. If we are able to achieve this process, the major problem of this world
will get resolved in a flash.
Children being the builders of tomorrow will be the best way to start with so that transit and acceptance of the validation of the rule happen for generations who are actually becoming the rulers of tomorrow. If this implemented in my life goal then I am sure my thought of creating a world which cares about other will be born. It will be positive and holistic and when our kids grow up after years will be proud of our generation for creating an ecosystem which creates value and not just become boring factory productions like humans and which are similar to AI and ML-based robots which we are creating. The time to feel and do the change has come.

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