About Me

My name is Syed Zainul Haque and I am a full-time Marketer. Now, that you are here want to know about me but I hate talking about myself so I will try to give you a basic idea.

I started my journey in the professional worlds as an Engineer but switched gears and moved to the management side only to fulfill the internal desire of engaging with people and emotions. To begin with, I engaged with startups like Internshala, Conversion Bug, Week Plan for their early-stage growth. I loved the passion which every individual of these closed groups and resulted in learning about Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, and Strategy. I love reading so if you wake beside me someday early in the morning you might find me find me glued to the newspaper.

I love reading personal finance as that’s my hobby since I redefined my principle as “Money should work for you and you should not work for money”.

Life is a circle so, on weekends, you might find me in with slum running around and playing with kids. That’s also me!

You can check out all my articles published here.

Available at zainul@zainulhaque.com or +91-9163468349.

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