The Skyscraper Technique

A number of us in marketing always look to find the sweet spot for our own brand. With great content becoming the centerpiece of growth we can rely on external learning and deploy the same for us. One such theory is the skyscraper theory.
A good one to deploy.

The Skyscraper Technique refers to an approach that is used to earn quality editorially placed links at scale by using insights from other top-performing content assets and creating more valuable content with your unique approach.

And the technique sits on the foundations of 3 core principles:

  1. Finding popular content that has been linked to and from other websites.
  2. Creating an improved piece of content on the same topic and publishing it on your own site.
  3. Promoting your content to your target audience and letting them know it exists.

Steps to build high-quality backlinks with the skyscraper technique –

Step 1: Find linkable content

The initial step in a Skyscraper SEO campaign is to find a few relevant pages with a bunch of backlinks. You must be knowing about your top key phrases. A simple search on Google for the main key phrase will bring you the initial content ideas to kick-start with. You will have to scroll a few lines down to get past ads if any.

Use Site Explorer – Enter a popular site that is relevant to your industry into Site Explorer. Make sure to choose one that is known for publishing quality content.

Use Content Explorer – Enter a broad topic that is relevant to your content into the Content Explorer. Content Explorer consists of a searchable database of more than a billion web pages. You can use this explorer to find mentions of particular words or phrases.

Use Keywords Explorer – Enter a broad keyword (e.g., “marketing”) into the Keywords Explorer and then choose a report (e.g., Phrase match) and set a minimum filter of around 40 in the keyword difficulty column.

Step 2: Make something even better

Discovered the ideal content you want to beat?

Your next step is to improve it and make it into something better. Take it to another level and make it awesome. Here are four aspects to be improved: 

  • Length. If the chosen post lists 20 tricks, beat it by listing more.
  • Freshness. Find out if the article is outdated. You can update it with recent images, screenshots, information, etc.; and make it relevant in the current time.
  • Design. Along with the words; the content’s visual appeal also matters. Create a design that stands out from the rest;
  • Depth. Don’t just stick to listing things out. Make sure to include all the details and make it actionable.

Step 3: Reach out to the correct people

Email outreach is the secret to the successful execution of a Skyscraper Technique. But instead of spamming every influencer you know of, you must contact those who have already displayed interest in the specific content you improved upon. 

The idea is this: since they’ve already displayed interest in a similar article, they are more likely to link to this one as it is better.

Once you have your final list of targets, it’s time to reach out to them by email.

Here’s is a basic checklist to include in your outreach email:

  • Why you’re contacting them.
  • A link to your article/ content.
  • Why is it better than the content they presently linked with.
  • CTA asking them to give your content a chance.
  • Follow all the steps mentioned in this post to improve your chances of success.

Let me know your thoughts!

What’s a Marketers Dream?

Each one of us generally is working on the marketing side of the branding side. However, none of us generally get a chance to sit in the middle of both and redefine all the intricacies of each side. This is a mammoth challenge and we hardly get a chance to do it.
We are either are brand manager or marketer who is focused on BUSINESS GROWTH. Finding the optimum balance between both is where the world needs to challenge yourself, go out of the box and create a legacy that can be followed by many.
That is the day in my career where I know what I do each is just learning, learning which will be only mine and that learning which will stop me from making 1000 mistakes in the future. The world is simple but to make it look simple you need to understand the complex and that is where I am heading. All the best to me!